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Maintenance of woodworking drills

26 April, 2017

In the maintenance of woodworking drills, please be sure to cut off the electrical power supply, and then commissioned and maintained to prevent accidents. We should remove all exposed wood chips, dust, debris on wood drills everyday . We should focus on the vertical box to remove the rails, slides and wood chips of rails, dust, cleaning and filling the oil before moving the rails everyuse. Daily check the  oil surface height of duplex pieces, oil cups 40% -80% need to add new oil.


Check if the compressed air pressure is up to standard. The normal pressure is 0.5-0.8mpa; check if the water of the filter in duplex pieces is discharged. Check whether the air pressure switch of the woodworking row drill is within 5kg / cm2-8kg / cm2 in the specified value range. Please check whether the pneumatic system of the drill bit is leaky and do the proper treatment.